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Thank you, Staff Appreciation Committee

3/27/2024 12:58 pm


Staff appreciation re-cap

Every month, the Staff Appreciation committee treats our Twain teachers and staff. The events range from fridge and pantry re-stocks in the staff lounge to our famous cookie exchange. The festivities culminate in a week long appreciation bonanza in May. Check in here for recaps of the events.


A big thank you to committee chairs Katti Swanson and Julie Arguez for spearheading these events for our students' fantastic teachers and staff.


If you're interested in getting involved, email


 March Pi Day

The Staff Appreciation Committee helped the Twain staff celebrate Pi Day with a selection of sweet and savory pies!


Thank you to Candace Dalton, Keri Davis-Thy, Katti Swanson, Julie Arguez, Evie Lasseter, Audry Adler, McGinnes Ladd, Molly Honig, Heather Scott, Janine Sorenson, Esther Lee, Maria Armijos, Katie Harris, Malaika Silliker, Brittney Apfel, Sarah De La Cruz, Janani Kartik, Karolina Cox, Kristina Leonard, and Maria Gallegos for donating all the wonderful pies, supplies, and their time to set up and clean up!





Family Favorites February Lunch

A belated thanks to the staff appreciation committee for providing a "Family Favorites" lunch to the staff in February--

Parvoneh Neilsen, Kristin Page, April Robers, Audrey Adler, Jayamandhuri Koripalli, Sarah Crowe, Malaika Silliker, Katti Swanson, and Julie Arguez contributed favorite dishes, supplies, and time to provide Twain staff with a wonderful lunch. Thank you!!









January Snack Bar to Fuel Conference Week Meetings

Thank you all for your support for the grab-and-go Snack Bar that took place on the week of January 23rd!


We had a great variety of choices for teachers to enjoy both healthy foods and treats, allowing them to refuel during their Conference Week meetings.


Many thanks to Katti Swanson and Julie Arguez for organizing and to everyone who donated time and snacks to make this a success: Kate Winzig, Simona Shelton, Anna Flora, Catherine Pauv, Lori Foster, Janine Sorenson, Amanda Jackson, Caroline Alimansyah, Malaika Silliker, Erin Marshall, Sri K, Alicia Bourne, Brittany Kukal, Shelby Yarnell, Valerija Jocic, Lana Smith, Audrey Adler, Maria Gallegos, Cynthia Yaeger, Beth DeGrace, Sarah De La Cruz, Kristin Page, Ana Cardenas, Sarah Crowe, Adriana Vararu, Janani Kartik, Erin Schadt, Melanie Walling, Morgan Olson, and Jodie Spitze.



December Hot Cocoa, Coffee, and Cookie Gifting 

Thank you all for your support for the hot cocoa, coffee, and cookie gifting exchange that took place on Wednesday, December 6th! We had a great variety of options for teachers to fill their decorated box with a dozen flavors each. The event was very well attended, with lots of excited staff enjoying the delicious dessert break.


Many thanks to Katti Swanson and Julie Arguez for organizing and to everyone who donated time, sweets, and supplies to make this a success:

Molly Honig, McGinnes Ladd, Nicole Schulman, Brittany Kukai, Sarah De La Cruz, Caroline Alimansyah, April Roberts, Alex De Obeso, Jessica Lake, Audrey Adler, Katie Harris, Beth DeGrace, Adriana Vararu, Robyn Howard, Jodie Spitze, Lori Foster, Kate Winzig, Tony Alblas, Cynthia Yeager, Candace Dalton, Kristy Lu, Janani Kartik, Heather Hakes Miller, Esther Lee, Erin Marshall, Heather Scott, Yong Hui Too, Erin Schadt, Elaine Kiely, Amanda Jackson, Mitra Soltani, Ava Shylesh, Parvoneh Neilsen, Malaika Silliker, Maria Gallegos, and Janine Sorenson.





November Soup & Salad

Thank you all for your support for the soup and salad bar lunch that took place on Tuesday, November 7th! We had a great variety of soups and salad bar options. It was very well attended, lots of words of gratitude as staff came through.


Many thanks to Katti Swanson and Julie Arguez for organizing the event to and everyone who donated time, food, and supplies to make the event a success: Audrey Adler, Molly Honig, Sarah De La Cruz, Candace Dalton, Erin Schadt, Mitra Soltani, Nadia Chekikene, Jian Lu, Maria Gallegos, Whitney Saura, Nicole Schulman, Malaika Silliker, Erin Marshall, Maria Armijos, Lori Foster, Catherine Yaw, Kristin Page, Ana Cardenas, Caroline Alimansyah, and Janine Sorenson.






October Baked Potato Potluck 

Twain staff were treated to a baked potato bar on Tuesday, October 17th, thanks to the amazing Twain PTSA Staff Appreciation Committee!


Many thanks to Katti Swanson and Julie Arguez for organizing the event to and everyone who donated time, food, and supplies to make the event a success: Katti Swanson, Molly Honig, Candace Dalton, Heather Scott, Audrey Adler, Tonya Alblas, Sarah De La Cruz, Brittany Kukal, Tunya Richardson, Malaika Silliker, Maria Gallegos, Beth DeGrace, Catherine Pauv, Kate Winzig, Julie Arguez, Erin Marshall, Morgan Olson, Ana Cardenas, Amanda Jackson, Gloria Cheng, Katie Harris, Evie Lasseter, Parvoneh Neilsen, and Janine Sorenson.






September Welcome Back Snack Bar 


Our amazing PTSA Staff Appreciation Committee kicked off the first week of school with snacks for the whole staff!


All week, they kept a teacher's lounge table stocked with delicious grab & go snacks.


We'd like to send a huge thank you to our families that contributed to this event: Anna Duffy, Heather Scott, Rubini Stalin Subbiah, the Bakshi Family, Gloria Cheng, Janine Sorenson, Alpesh Dhanki, Erin Marshall, Kristin Page, Colin & Gayle d'Hondt, Katie Harris, Beth Degrace, Candace Dalton, Janani Kartik, Molly Honig, Sarah De la Cruz, Katti Swanson, Julie Arguez.