We recognize...

Twain PTSA is grateful to our volunteers and staff for their hard work and contribution to our community.

We recognize individuals formally through our Volunteer of the Month Award and our annual Twain PTSA Awards.


Twain PTSA Awards 

Twain PTSA Volunteer of the Month


And we are recognized...

As a PTSA, we are also proud of our work in serving Twain students and our school community. 

We have been recognized in these efforts with a number of excellence and membership awards from Washington State PTA:


Washington State PTSA Awards 



 Twain PTSA Awards

Each year, the Mark Twain PTSA Awards honor volunteers and staff who have given extra. These individuals are recognized for making an undeniable difference in our PTSA, school and community. 




 Golden Acorn Award

This award is presented in partnership with the Washington State PTSA to honor those who have given exemplary volunteer service.

2022-23: Nicki Schulman

2021-22: Katti Swanson

2020-21: Candace Dalton

2018-19: Christine Woskett

2017-18: Molly Honig

2016-17: Brandi Comstock


Honorary Life Membership Award

The purpose of the WSPTA Honorary Life Membership Award is to honor an individual who has made significant contributions to the development and growth of Twain PTSA.

2022-23: Janine Sorenson

2021-22: Bonnie Leung

2020-21: Maya Chen and Tanya Scharpenberg

2019-20: Meghan Wright, Shelley Lish, Heather Buchholz and Elizabeth Fortman

2017-18: Naomi Urban

2016-17: Tammy Gilliam


Bobcat Award for Outstanding PTSA Volunteer

This Bobcat Award honors someone who has been valuable to Twain PTSA in a variety of ways. They are always there to help with various projects and provide support on many levels.  

2022-23: Malaika Silliker

2021-22: Heather Scott and Kate Ho

2020-21: Jessica Falkner-Horine and Grace Ma

2019-20: Junghee Pogue

2018-19: Sheepa Bansal and Candace Dalton

2017-18: Shelley Lish

2016-17: Jeff Gerwin


Bobcat Award for Outstanding PTSA Committee Work

This person improved one of our PTSA committees in a very positive way. Their organization and work made a very positive impact on the students of Mark Twain. 

2022-23: Heather Scott

2021-22: Kate Winzig

2020-21: Katti Swanson

2019-20: Bonnie Leung

2018-19: Beth Burgess

2017-18: Regina Ball

2016-17: Christine Woskett


Outstanding Educator of the Year Award

The Outstanding Educator of the Year Award acknowledges the person who goes above and beyond the normal expectations of their job to make the learning environment fun, beneficial and challenging. An educator may be defined as a teacher, assistant, specialist, support staff, administrator or community member.

2022-23: Ann Nelson

2021-22: Cathy Webb

2020-21: Katie Frakes and Amy Lanum

2018-19: Kari Ferrin

2017-18: Alisha Poling

2016-17: JoAnne Neal


Other Awards

A number of other awards and recognitions are given to PTSA volunteers and those who support our children. There is no set limit or definition on the number or type of awards that may be given. 



You Rock Award - McGinnes Ladd

You Rule Award - Diana Carrillo

'Grateful' for you - Katti Swanson

Totally 'Kiln' It - Thomas Bagnell

Rookie of the Year - Sarah De la Cruz



GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Award - Janine Sorenson

You Rock Award - Stephanie Hescock

GEM (Going the Extra Mile) - Malia Goodfellow

Top School Spirit - Josué González Azuara

Rookies of the Year - Evie Lasseter & Kirsten Baker



You Rock Award - Denise DeWalt

Kept the Ship Afloat - Craig Mott and Malia Goodfellow

Lemonade out of Lemons - All Twain staff

Rookie of the Year - Julie Arguez



You Rock Award - Beth Carrol

You Rule Award - Grace Ma

Rookie of the Year - Karolina Cox

Grill Master Award - Monty Lish

Sustainability - Shannon Harris and Sandy Vold







You Rock Award - Bonnie Leung

You Rule Award - Janine Sorenson

Rookie of the Year - Katti Swanson

Golden Paintbrush - Jeff Gerwin

Sunshine Award - Susana Rodriguez

GEM ("Going the extra mile") Award - Denise Dewalt



GEM ("Going the extra mile") Award- Angela Meekhof

Wild about Books Award –Cathy Schwartz and Heather Buchholz

You Rock Award —Richard Rundle

You Rule Award —Elizabeth Fortman

Rookie of the Year: Taylor Yoneyama 

Wild About Books Award: Heather Buchholz & Cathy Schwartz 

Dr. Seuss Award: Amy Lanum 



Rookie of the Year - Brandi Trujillo 

School Spirit Award - Huckleberry Bobcat 

You Rule Award: Molly Honig



 Volunteer of the month 

Every month, Twain PTSA honors our wonderful volunteers and all the great work they do throughout the year by recognizing a Volunteer of the Month. 


Aug 2020: Richard Rundle 

Sep 2020: Stephanie Hescock

Oct 2020: Lana Smith

Nov 2020: Grace Ma

Jan 2021: Katti Swanson


 Washington State PTA Awards


For the 2022-2023 school year, Twain PTSA was recognized for their service to the community with the following awards:



For the 2021-2022 school year, Twain PTSA was recognized for their service to the community with the following awards: 



For the 2020-2021 school year, Twain PTSA was honored to be named Washington State PTA’s OUTSTANDING PTA OF THE YEAR. This is a testament to the outstanding support from our community, as well as hard work and dedication from our leadership and volunteers. Thank you to everyone for support Twain PTSA's mission and goals - we couldn't have done this without you!



For all of our efforts in serving the community, we also earned multiple awards for 2020-2021, including:

For the 2019-2020 school year:


100% Staff Membership

BRONZE Membership Growth


For the 2018-2019 school year:


GOLD Standards of Excellence