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Block Party Was a Blast!

6/9/2024 10:46 pm

WOW! What a great turn out for our 3rd annual ☀️Block Party☀️!

It was great to see so many Twain families out enjoying a good time together.

Putting together such a large event is a big job, so sending out a HUGE thank you to team lead, Bridget Songstad, and head organizer, Nicki Schulman. You ROCK!

And to the rest of our Block Party Committee that stepped up to ensure the Block Party happened: Patricia Heber, Molly Honig, Reshma Kapadia, Janani Kartik, Brittany Kukal, McGinnes Ladd, Sarah Menenberg, Audrey Adler, April Roberts, Michelle Soltani, and Naling Zhang.

It took a true village of volunteers who put in the time to make Block Party a success. We hope the many happy faces seen that night shows how thankful we all are for your efforts!

Our pre-event prep crew and donors were:

Caroline Alimansyah, Katrina Bassett, Jecy Chang, Gloria Cheng, Desiree Ehrlichman, Maria Gallegos, Elizabeth Haak, Janani Kartik, Brittany Kukal, Erin Marshall, Morgan Olson, Erin Schadt, Nicki Schulman, Simona Shelton, Malaika Siliker, Michelle Soltani, Janine Sorenson, Clara Sotelo, Parvoneh Neilsen, and Whitney Saura.

And our dedicated day-of event crew was:

Vincent Acunia, Andres Anguiano, Arshu Arun, Divya AWasthi, Jemma Aycock, Tamira Bass, Katie Bassett, Nayan Batabyal, Jecy Chang, Tomoko Chikamatsu, Olive Colon, Karolina Cox, Jen Degrace, Beth DeGrace, Angella Dolman, Natalie Drennon, Ellen Drummond, Jessica Falkner-Horine, Lori Foster, Eugenia García, Elise Harris, Matthew Harris, Elise Heber, Ruby Hsu, Barbara Hughes, Kristina Huntington, Blake Huntington, Sydney Hwang, Amanda Jackson, Zach Jackson, Valerija Jocic, Sri K, Sharada Kadiyala, Jessica Lake, Denise Lemieux, Maya Lukecart, Silvia Madrova, Arka Majumdar, Kaitlyn Mansour, Danielle Marcus, Jagadish Medikurthi, Piper Meekhof, Tina Mehrotra, Lillian Morrison, Divya Naik, Nives Nardella, Parvoneh Neilsen, Sam Nord, Kelli Osborn, Anoulka Pargney, Camille Pokorski, Elias Pokorski, Juliette Pokorski, Mika Ramberg, Andy Ravet, Simon Rundle, Whitney Saura, Scarlette Schlachter, Ella Schulman, Heather Scott, William Scott, Abel Sebuh, Shruti Shankaraghatta, Shivali Sharma, Katia Shylovska, Natasha Smith, Violet Snodgrass, Mitra Soltani, Janine Sorenson, Jackson Sorenson, Laura Souza, Jodie Spitze, Rubini Stalin, Katti Swanson, Eva Swanson, Christopher Vlachos, Sandy Vold, Chad Waldman, Melanie Walling, Cathy Webb, Loy Wilcox, Shelby Williams, Lily Winzig, Kate Winzig, Logan Winzig, Tom Winzig, and Sihui Yan.

Love the Block Party? Take Note!! Our next Block Party is right around the corner! Twain PTSA has decided that for the 2024-2025 school year, we're moving the Block Party up in the school calendar, to SEPTEMBER 20TH, so we don't have to wait until the end of the school year to get the party started! If you have any questions or would like to help out, please contact