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Thank You, Farmers!

5/3/2024 9:06 am

Do you have seedling pots sitting on your window sill right now?

I bet you do, as HUNDREDS of students stopped by our 3rd annual Farming Friday last week to plant their very own edible garden.

This year's event was made even more exciting with the addition of an observational bee hive! Be sure to ask your kiddos if they got a chance to check it out and if they spotted the queen bee!

As always, this event would not be possible without our amazing volunteers, so sending out a big THANK YOU to the parents that helped wrangle our very enthusiastic farmers: Savanah Jordan, Lori Foster, Erin Schadt, Malaika Silliker, McGinnes Ladd, Janine Sorenson, Heather Scott, Tina Mehrotra, Emmanouil Koukoumidis, and Kate Winzig. Plus, the biggest thank you of all to team lead, Jennifer Koukoumidis, for bringing this great experience to so many of our kiddos.

We would love to see your budding farmers with their sprouting plants! Please share photos to our Twain PTSA Families social media pages, #farmingfriday. 🌱🐝


Thank you also to Home Depot, Costco, and Molbaks for their donations.