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National Math Challenge Tournament wrapped up!

4/24/2024 9:31 am

Last week, several of our students participated in the 2024 National Math Challenge Tournament!

It was an exciting event and wonderful to see the enthusiasm and energy from students and their families. Our participation also helps further the excitement for learning math in our school and community.

Let's give a big round of applause to Eli Balanov-Druker, Nikhil Kartik, Alston Margetan, Mark Harris, Naomi Lu, Yaami Nair, Abhiram Selvaraj, Vivaan Goel, and Priscilla Yohan who attended the tournament.

Thank you to our volunteers: Janani Kartik, Matthew Harris, Archana Avula, Yohan Mammen, Kitty Chou, Malaika Silliker, Jodie Spitze, and Mr. Chai. This tournament would not have been a success without your support. And a special thank you to Kristy Lu for all your hard work throughout the year in supporting and encouraging our students in the math challenge program. THANK YOU!