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Sew a Stuffy Success!

4/8/2024 7:02 am

Our first Earth Month event, Sew a Stuffy, came and went, and WOW!!!!!! We have so many creative minds here at Twain! We saw jellyfish, sunshines, mermaid tails, Pacman, "cat-pig," you name it, we saw it sewn and stuffed!

Hopefully all those that attended are inspired to continue exploring their new sewing skills at home. Please share a picture of your little with their new stuffy friend on our Facebook post. We'd love to see them all!

And of course, a HUGE thank you to our volunteer sewing warriors who tackled this busy night with grace, and made so many kids light up with excitement over their new creations. We couldn't have done it without you! 💜 Team Leaders Kate Winzig, Tonya Alblas, and Jay Diran, as welll as Jayshree Khanikar, Wendy Crist, Tessa Schafleitner, Tina Mehrotra, Jecy Chang, Malaika Silliker, Janine Sorenson, and Heather Scott.