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That's a wrap!

2/4/2024 5:52 pm

On Feb 2nd and 3rd, fourth and fifth grade Twain students wowed audiences with two fantastic performances of the Amazing Adventures of Super Stan!


These kids have been working hard over the last 6 weeks, under the stellar guidance of Studio East directors Joey Sponseller and Rebecca Herivel, and it showed! Congratulations to them all!


A standing ovation is in order for our phenomenal co-producers, Tonya Alblas and Lindsey Nipp! Between coordinating dozens of moving parts, making countless decisions, communicating quickly and effectively with families, and wrangling 35 kiddos, they are the true super stars of the production! Thank you, Tonya and Lindsey!!!


And another huge round of applause to the amazing volunteers who made the show possible -

Ticketing: Kate Ho, Julie Arguez, Tamira Bass, and Mary Herzog

Program: Rachael Proano

Costumes and Makeup: Christine Benchemsi, Karolina Cox, and Mitra Soltani

Photography: Bartak Paliswiat and Chelsey Cragin

Props and Set: Jodie Spitze, Sam Arguez, and Grace Yu

Concessions: Kristina Leonard, Maria Anguiano, Jola Paliswiat, Maitreyee Agashe, Heather Hakes-Miller, Kevin Hakes-Miller, and Shivali Sharma

Star Grams: Jodie Spitze, Mary Herzog, and Grace Yu

Backstage Performance Chaperones: Amanda Jackson, Shannon Martin, Markay Latimer, Tina Mehrotra, and Srilatha Guntaka

Cast Party: Katti Swanson with chaperones Rachael Proano, Shannon Martin, Alice Wong, and Srilatha Guntaka

Chaperones, carpool drivers, and donations: Tamira Bass, Christine Benchemsi, Rachael Proano, Apaena Kanungo, Karolina Cox, Kristina Leonard, Clara Sotelo, Mary Herzog, Jodie Spitze, Julie Arguez, Chelsey Cragin, Elena Salaks, Maria Anguiano, Kate Ho, Sam Arguez, Amanda Jackson, Aparna Kanungo, Jola Paliswiat, Katti Swanson, Tina Mehrotra, Roopa Badi, Mitra Soltani, Markay Latimer, Guillermo Proano, Srilatha Guntaka, Maria Gallegos, Shannon Fitzgerald, and Maitreyee Agashe.