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Math Challenge

12/8/2023 7:12 am

Wanted: Twain students to participate in the fun Math Challenge Program!


What is Math Challenge Program?

Math Challenge program is a free school-wide math enrichment program for elementary students consisting of series of challenging and interesting math problems.


The program provides 15 sets of challenges throughout the school year; each set is published every other week starting in late September and ending in May.


These math challenges cover problem solving strategies such as draw a picture or model, make an organized list, look for a pattern, working backward, and guess and check. Each challenge presents 10 to 18 problems ordered by level of difficulty, which enables students from various grade-levels to participate.


Math Challenge Set 12 starts March 15tH and is due on Mar 27th.


 Click here to print the current Math Challenge set.


How to participate:

  • Solve as many questions as you can.  Pay attention to the minimum number of questions required for your grade-level.  Students are encouraged to ask for help if needed.

  • Email completed sets to PTSA coordinator Kristy at Please do not forget to put your name and class on all papers.

  • Solutions are available two days after the due date.

Math Challenge Schedule