Family BINGO Night

Round up the whole family for this Bobcat favorite! Join on us Leap Day for extra fun on this extra day-- February 29th is BINGO night!


If you need special accommodations or have any questions, please contact Natalie Drennon at


Our events can't happen without volunteers, please consider signing up for an event shift. 

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Event schedule:

6:00 - Doors Open

Sales Table @ the Library Entrance

-Claim online orders

-Purchase BINGO cards, daubers, concessions tokens (cash or show online receipt)

Concessions Table in the Gym

-Redeem tokens for pizza, drinks, snacks.

6:15 - BINGO Game Instructions & Play Begins

8:00 - Event Ends

*This is not a drop-off event. Adults must supervise students. This is a family fun event for all Twain families. 


how to buy bingo cards, daubers, & concessions tokens*:

Before 3 pm on 2/27:

PRE-ORDER ONLINE to skip the lines!

Items purchased online UNTIL 3 pm on 2/27 will be delivered to your child’s classroom on Thursday, 2/29.

Buy online

After 3 pm on 2/27:

- Online via credit card --Show your receipt at the sales table to claim your items.

- Cash sales at the Library entrance.


*Tokens are redeemed for food, snacks, and drinks at the concessions tables INSIDE the event.














Sensory-Friendly Quiet Area

For families whose participation would be enhanced by supported access, a sensory-friendly quiet area with shorter games will be available.


Please "RSVP" for the Quiet Area on the Bingo Daubers and Cards purchase page so we can prepare accordingly.


All participants are welcome at our events. If you need special accommodations, please contact Natalie at



Will there be prizes?

Yes! There will be two winners per round. The first winner will be awarded with an awesome prize basket and the second winner will win a Huckleberry stuffie!


Will there be food available?

Yes. Redeem your tokens for pizza, snacks, and drinks at the Concessions Tables in the gym. Purchase tokens upstairs at the sales table by the library entrance with cash or via credit card online.


How many BINGO cards should I buy?
Each "BINGO card" is a booklet of multiple BINGO sheets. We recommend purchasing 1 booklet per player, or more if you're a pro!
Can I use cash to buy my BINGO cards?
Yes. You can purchase BINGO cards and daubers upstairs near the library entrance. You can also use credit card when you purchase via our website and show your receipt.
Can I use cash or credit card to buy food or a drink?
No. Food and drink may be redeemed with TOKENS only. There will be no cash exchanged inside the gym. To purchase tokens, please visit the sales table upstairs by the library entrance (cash or purchase online and show your receipt).
Can I buy more BINGO cards and Concessions Tokens at the event? 
Yes, you can purchase additional BINGO cards, daubers, and Concessions Tokens at the Sales Table by the Library Entrance. We are accepting cash only, or buy online and show your online receipt. 
Can I drop off my kids? 
No. This is an event for the whole family. Children must be supervised.
I pre-purchased BINGO cards online but now we can't go to the event. May I have a refund? 
Unfortunately, all sales are final. You're welcome to give your BINGO supplies to another Twain family!

Are there reduced-fee options? 

If you and your family would appreciate financial assistance to participate in this event or others, please email school counselor Denise DeWalt at


How do you play BINGO? 

Each bingo card sheet has a grid of 25 numbers. A "caller" will call out random letters/numbers (ex. "B13"). If the letter/number called is present on your board, you "daub" or mark it. The first player to get five numbers in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, wins and calls out "BINGO!"